If you have Questions, Responses or wish to make a Booking with the Activities and Services that ” 2 e L ” offers, you may Contact us through =

  1. Phone Number :

0812 – 1899 – 2216

(Phone, Short Message Service / SMS, and others)

  1. E-Mail :

(Please fill in your Subject E-Mail Clearly, related to the Order or Question and also include a Phone Number that can be Contacted)

  1. You can also Contact us via the Form below :


  • For ADVOCATE, LAWYER, and LAW FIRM you can Contact us from Monday — Friday starting at 09:00 A.M. — 05:00 P.M. (Western Indonesian Time (WIB), UTC +7).
  • For EDUCATION you can Contact us on Saturday starting at 11:00 A.M. — 04:00 P.M. (Western Indonesian Time (WIB), UTC +7).

Thank you for your attention. May success always be with you all.

Best Regards,


(Senior Partner of ” 2 e L ”)

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