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”2 e L — IMMANUEL A. WIDJAJA, S.H., M.H. & PARTNERS” (hereinafter referred to as : ” 2 e L ”) is a Professional Activity that is Registered and Saved in the Administration System of a Business Entity based on the Notification of Registration from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with Number : AHU-0000900-AH.01.22 Year 2021 concerning IMMANUEL WIDJAJA AND PARTNERS Civil Partnership (Persekutuan Perdata IMMANUEL WIDJAJA DAN PARTNERS).

As a Professional Activity in the Field of Legal Services and Education, 2 e L ” has 3 (three) Main Activities, namely :

  1. The field of LAWYER (also called the ADVOCATE) is Legal Services Civil Law (General and Special) and Criminal Law (General and Special) that can be given in the form of :
    1. Consultation and Legal Assistance;
    2. Exercising Power, Representing, Accompanying, Defending Clients and others;
    3. Carrying Out Legal Action for the Legal Purposes of the Client;
    4. And others.
  1. The field of LAW FIRM (also called the LAW OFFICE) is a Service Activity in the Legal Field for Personal Individuals and/or Companies that can be given in the form of :
    1. Legal Opinion;
    2. Solicitor (Making Letters for and On Behalf of Clients);
    3. Management Services Deed related to Notary and PPAT (Official Certifier of Title Deeds) for the Provincial area of DKI. Jakarta, Tangerang Raya, and the Surrounding Area;
    4. And others.
  1. The field of EDUCATION (also called the INSTRUCTOR) is a Service Activity for College Students at Undergraduate Programs (S-1), Master Programs (S-2), and/or Doctoral Programs (S-3) that can be given in the form of :
    1. Lecture Assignments and/or Papers;
    2. Guidance on Final Assignment Proposal Writing (Paper, Thesis, and/or Dissertation);
    3. Final Assignment Writing Guidance (Internship Report, Paper, Thesis, and/or Dissertation);
    4. And others.

To support the Activities and Services, ” 2 e L ” is assisted and supported by Professionals and Partners who have been known to be able to Creatively and Innovative provide Services; both in the Field of Law and Education.

Best Regards,


(Senior Partner of ” 2 e L ”)


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