An overview of activities undertaken by ” 2 e L ” in EDUCATION is as follows =

  1. Education Level :
    • Undergraduate Programs (Strata Satu / S-1);
    • Master Programs (Strata Dua / S-2); and
    • Doctoral Programs (Strata Tiga / S-3).
  1. Types of Activities / Guidance :
    • Lecture Assignments and/or Papers;
    • Guidance on Writing Internship Reports;
    • Guidance for Writing Final Project Proposal (Undergraduate, Postgraduate Thesis, and/or Dissertation);
    • Final Assignment Writing Guidance (Undergraduate, Postgraduate Thesis, and/or Dissertation);
    • And others.


For COMPLETE INFORMATION regarding the Types of Activities / Guidance above, please Click on the following Link =


  1. For the 2 (two) Activities, please make a Payment in Advance and/or a Deposit of at Least 50 % (fifty percent).
  2. Booked Activities Cannot Be Exchanged and/or Refunded for Any Reason.
  3. Any Delay in Payment will be Subject to a Fine of 5 % (five percents) per Month from the Price of the Goods Booked (Article 1767 Indonesian Civil Code).
  4. The Results of Activities that are Not Taken for More Than 1 (one) Month, are Not The Responsibility of ” 2 e L ”.
  5. If All of These Terms are Not Followed by the Parties, then ” 2 e L ” Will Not Execute what is Ordered.

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