Also known as LAW OFFICE is Activities in the Field of Legal Services in the form of =

  1. Legal Opinion that can ” 2 e L ” give among them are :
    • Civil Law
    • Criminal Law
    • Business / Company Law
    • Labor / Manpower Law
    • Environmental Law
    • Tax Law
    • State Administrative Law (TUN – Tata Usaha Negara)
    • Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI – Hak atas Kekayaan Intelektual)
    • And others
  1. Solicitor (Making Letters For and On Behalf of Clients). ” 2 e L ” has Considerable and Proven Experience in Providing Legal Consultation Services (Legal Advice) to Clients in the form of :
    • Legal Audit / Due Diligence & Analysis
    • Legal Opinion, Legal Assistance & Legal Advice
    • Legal & Legislative Drafting
    • And others
  1. Scope of Work :
    • Property and Construction
    • Corporation
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Manpower and/or Industrial Relations
    • Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI)
    • Insurance and Re-Insurance
    • Bankruptcy
    • Banking
    • Arbitration
    • And others


Corporate Lawyer

The Corporate Lawyer is a Service of Special Law ONLY for Companies with a PERIOD OF COOPERATION is at least 6 (six) months or based on AGREEMENT (PERJANJIAN KERJA SAMA) between The Parties as well as possible or ongoing LEGAL CASE.

In this Corporate Lawyer, Client (Personal Individuals and/or Companies) will GET THE RIGHTS as follows :

    1. Free Legal Consultation during The Cooperation Agreement is in progress (minimum for 6 (six) months);
    2. Making Power of Attorney (Article 1795 Indonesian Civil Code);
    3. Assistance in the Courts begins from The First Level (the District Court – Pengadilan Negeri), The Appeal Level (High Court – Pengadilan Tinggi) and/or The Degree of Cassation (Supreme Court – Mahkamah Agung);
    4. Obtain a Copy of the Verdict for Each Tier in Court;
    5. If the Case is to the Police, the Client will obtain a Report in a Written Report on each Case Progress and ” 2 e L ” will provide Advice, Suggestion, and Legal Consideration in relation to Case Handling;
    6. And others.
    1. Legal Consultation, Agreement Making, Making Legal Opinion in accordance with the Prevailing Laws and Regulations in Indonesia;
    2. Accompanying Clients in Negotiations, Discussion and/or Cooperation relating Business Transaction;
    3. Consultation on the Claim, Drafting, and Sending a Warning Letter (Subpoena / Somasi) relating to all things Deemed Detrimental to the Client in a Company or Other Party;
    4. And others.

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Notary Service / PPAT (Official Certifier of Title Deeds)

Management Services Deed related to Notary and PPAT (Land Deed Office) for the Provincial Area of DKI. Jakarta, Tangerang Raya, and the Surrounding Area; which are :

  1. Deed of Sale of House and Land (AJB – Akta Jual Beli).
  2. Transfer of Title of the Certificate.
  3. Escalation of Rights (HGB – Hak Guna Bangunan / Building Rights to SHM – Sertipikat Hak Milik / Freehold Title).
  4. Letter of Girik – Tanah milik Adat yang Konversi Haknya ke Negara Belum Didaftarkan melalui Kantor Pertanahan / Title of Land Ownership (Containing Land Measurements) to the Certificate.
  5. Taking Care of :
    • PT – Perseroan Terbatas / Limited Company;
    • CV – Perseroan Komanditer (Commmanditaire Vennootschaap) / Limited Partnership;
    • SIUP – Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan / Trade Business License;
    • TDP – Tanda Daftar Perusahaan / Company Registration Certificate;
    • NPWP – Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak / Taxpayer Registration Number; and
    • PKP – Pengusaha Kena Pajak / Taxable Entrepreneur for VAT (Value Added Tax – Pajak Pertambahan Nilai / PPN) Purposes.
  1. Others :
    • Roya – Penghapusan Hak Tanggungan / Omission of Liability;
    • PPJB (Perjanjian Pengikatan Jual Beli) – Kuasa / Sales and Purchase Agreement; and
    • Kuasa Menjual / Power of Attorney to Sell.
  1. And others.

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