ADVOCATE shall be a person who has a profession to provide legal services, both inside or outside the court in accordance with provisions of this Law.

Article 1 Number 1 Law of The Republic of Indonesia Number 18 Year 2003 concerning Advocates


To enforce the Terms of the Law concerning Advocates, ” 2 e L ” has Legal Services for Personal Individuals, Companies, and Other Legal Entities in the form of :

  1. Creating and filling a Civil Lawsuit against the Client’s Adverse Legal Disputes;
  2. Facing a Lawsuit and Simultaneously Injunctive (Reconventions) of the Other Party, either Personal Individuals or Legal Entity;
  3. Submitting Resistance (Verzet), Intervention and Objection on a Lawsuit that is not related to the Client but detrimental to the Client;
  4. Submitting a Legal Effort to Execute the Client’s interest on the Existence of a Judge who Has a Permanent Legal Force (Inkracht van Gewijsde) or the existence of a Document that is likened to the award by law;
  5. Accompany the Client as a Reporting Witness, Witness the Victim and/or Suspect in the event of a Summon, Examination or Warrant of Arrest Order, Detention made or ordered by the Police or Prosecutors for Alleged Criminal Acts;
  6. Accompany the Client as the Defendant in the Police and submitting Defenses (Pledoi) to the Client against the General Courts division throughout Indonesia;
  7. Submitting Appeal to the High Court (Pengadilan Tinggi), or the Cassation to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia) against a Civil and/or Criminal Judgment deemed to be detrimental to the Client’s Interest;
  8. Provide several Dispute Resolution options in the Most Beneficial Situations for the Client’s Interest;
  9. And others.


  1. Civil Case
    1. Debt – Receivables;
    2. Land Disputes;
    3. Inheritance Dispute;
    4. Execution of Mortgages / Hypothec (A Property Right Over Immovable Assets – Article 1162 Indonesian Civil Code);
    5. Confiscate Collateral;
    6. Commercial Disputes;
    7. And others.
  1. Criminal Case
    1. Libel;
    2. Counterfeiting;
    3. Manslaughter / Murder;
    4. Slander;
    5. Persecution;
    6. Embezzlement / Darkening;
    7. Fraud;
    8. Narcotics and Psychotropic;
    9. Corruption;
    10. And others.

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  1. Conducting Assistance and Advocacy in General and Special Criminal Matters, ranging from the Level of Investigation, Prosecution up to The Examination at the Court Hearing;
  2. Dealing with Civil Matters and Prioritizing Amicable Resolutions for Cases in General Civil, Divorce (Family Law), Land Law, Manpower and/or Industrial Relations at the relevant Court;
  3. Make a Lawsuit, Answer, Replicate (Replik), Duplicate (Duplik), Defenses (Pledoi), examining the Witness’s Statement, submit the Evidence, Conclusions, and other things during the Trial is ongoing;
  4. Make Legal Efforts on the Appeal, Cassation or Judicial Review and Other Legal Effort;
  5. And others.


  1. Subpoena;
  2. Negotiations;
  3. Legal Advice;
  4. Legal Drafting;
  5. Legal Opinion;
  6. Legal Investigation;
  7. And others.

” 2 e L ” Policy as ADVOCATE, ATTORNEY, and LEGAL ADVISER in the Field of ” LAWYER ”

  1. In Civil Cases, ” 2 e L ” must prioritize Peaceful Settlements.
  2. In handling Cases, ” 2 e L ” is not allowed to warrant to the Client, that the Case will WIN.
  3. In dealing with the Cases, ” 2 e L ” Can Reject things that According there is no Legal Basis.
  4. ” 2 e L ” shall be entitled to receive Honorarium on Legal Services that have been provided to the Client, which is determined Fairly based on Agreement of Both Parties.
  5. ” 2 e L ” has a Working Area covering the entire Territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Summarized from : Indonesian Advocates Code of Ethics, Jakarta, May 23, 2002

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